the saucage act

The Sausage Act (2 actors)

steprightup! steprightup! pieter post productions
All you have to do is catch the Frankfurter on your bun.
You are now ready to assemble your Chicago style hot dog.

Squirt yellow mustard from end to end.
Add sweet pickle relish and some chopped onions.
Place two tomato wedges between the bun and the dog.
Place the dill pickles in the crack and sprinkle with celery salt.

And dig-in

A small glass house with big windows. Inside a table and a gas burner.
Through the hole a stick with a claw holding a can of Frankfurters.
Outside 9 persons holding a saucer with a open bun placed on a red napkin.
Slowly the can of sausages will heat up.